The Blue Heron Cafe

Great news!!! The cafe is new this year at All World Acres.  The cafe serves home-cooked meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for most events.  The menu and chefs vary depending on the event and not all events offer meal plan.  Most of the events hosted by Earth Guardians Gathering Events serve meals starting with Thursday Dinner and ending with Sunday Breakfast. MEAL PLAN MEMBERS ARE SERVED FIRST and it includes coffees, water refills, and teas.  After meal plan is served the food will be sold A-La-Carte.  Bottled water, soft drinks, and snacks are also available at reasonable prices in the cafe window.  Each event has a different team cooking in the cafe and uses a different system so make sure to check each event for specific food details.

Our Menu

The menu for our events always offer vegan and gluten free options at every meal.  Our home cooked food is anything but bland. We strive for great quality, healthy choices, and great taste for every meal.  We try to gain access to organic or locally grown supplies when available and make as much from scratch as we can.

See Sample Menu

Meal Plan

  • Tired of having to cook while camping?

  • Too many supplies and hate having to transport stinky garbage on your trip back?

  • Tired of having to bring so much water? (see camping information about on site water)

  • Do you like delicious home-cooked food for a really great price?

If you said Yes to any  of these questions and are attending Friday morning thru Sunday afternoon, then meal plan is meant for you!

Meal plan includes:

  • 8 meal s(Friday breakfast-Sunday Lunch or Thursday dinner-Sunday Breakfast)

  • 3 water-bottle refills a day (BRING REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLE)

  • 2 coffees or 2 teas per day

  • 2 desserts (Friday & Saturday night) TBA- Gluten free and vegan will be available

Kid's meal plan is the same food, just smaller portions.   They also only receive 1 beverage per day.

Dishes:  The only thing that meal plan doesn't include is a dishwasher but it does save you from having to bring dishes.  All cafe customers (meal plan included) are required to wash their dishes at the dish area.  (See the venue page about dish area for more details).

You do not have to purchase your tickets and meal plan at the same time.  This button will take you to the Payment button  page.  Click on all buttons that apply to your order and then checkout.



Save $20



Save $20

Recent Questions about Meal Plan?

  • Brittany asked:  Do I need a meal Plan for my 3 year old?

    • Answer: Brittany, the meal plan is intended for adults and kids that eat regular size meals which is usually 6 and up.  Anyone under that or any really picky eaters should probably arrange their food separately or plan to purchase the meal in individual portions for the child.

    • However, The food is normally sold separately after meal plan has been served.  My suggestion would be to collect your meal first, so you and your child can eat off of your plate (our portions are very generous and you can ask for a small plate to use at each meal) and if you need more you can buy an additional scoop/item of whatever you know the child liked.  Each item typically ranges from $1.50-$2.50.  If you bought one additional item at each meal for $2 that would only be $16 for the entire event.  So in essence it would be cheaper to just buy it for her/him as you need it and not purchase the kids meal plan.  Thank you for your awesome and unique question.


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